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Announcements / Short News

Welcome to the Advantage Computer Systems Website.

We have launched 3 New Products to kick the Year off with:

he first is a Web Design product for businesses, based on templates, our Template Business Websites, will save you time and money, whist still representing your business as professionally as any website can. This product also comes with an Introductory Special Offer, until Monday 31st January which could save you 33% off the standard price. Please check out our newsletter this month for info on the Offer.

The second product is our Web Hosting Services, which includes both Website Hosting, and Email Hosting. For more info click here to go to our Web Hosting page.

The third of our 3 new products, is our Search Engine Optimisation Services. If your not happy with your placement within the search engines, then please read more about our SEO Services by clicking here.

You will still find other sections, like our Newsletter, Downloads, and Links Page to name a few, as well as our Computer Forum, and we invite you to participate in the forums as much as you like.

You will also find information on our Computer Products, Web Design Services, Web Hosting Services and Computer Repair Services as always.
We will be adding to the site as time goes on, with even more computer related products and services.

So please feel free to browse through our Website, have a good look around, and while your at it, why not sign up to our Newsletter . And thank you for visiting.


Forum Topic of the Month

The Topic of the Month in our Forum.
Please Click the link below.

January 2011: Business Websites Questions and Answers

Virus List

The top computer virus infiltrations spread via email over the past 24 Hours


Software - Our Hot Pick for the Month

The software we have chosen as our "Hot Pick" of the Month.

DVD Profiler is for those of you that are movie buffs, and have a DVD collection that your quite proud of. It's quite feature rich, and easy to use. Adding most DVDs is as simple as typing in the barcode number, it will then download all relevant info for that dvd including front and rear cover images.

More Info

Download Trial Version Now

Website - Our Hot Pick for the Month

The website we have chosen as our "Hot Pick" of the Month.

GOPC is a website that offers a suite of portable applications that can be run directly from your thumbdrive, ipod, or other portable device. It stores the data on the portable device, so you can take it with you, whether its email, browsing history & bookmarks, msn lists, media players, the list goes on, and its quite an extensive list at that. The best part...Its Completely Free, no trial, no advertisements, just free!!

Visit Website Now


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